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Our Goal

Our goal is to raise awareness of what bar soap does for both the body and the environment. Handcrafted bar soap brings the benefit of locally made products from superior composition. Our packaging is even plastic free. Reduce plastic waste…use bar soap!

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Kids Soap: Monkey Farts

There Is A Difference . .

The first thing to know is there is a difference between bar soap and body wash. Soap originates from natural substances. It is made from a combination of fats or oils, water and an alkali, usually lye (sodium hydroxide). Whereas body washes are usually a detergent (products manufactured from synthetic chemical compounds) or soap like product containing extra chemicals like surfactants. True soap can come in liquid form also and bar soaps can contain enough extra ingredients to be counted as synthetic detergents. If the label does not actually say soap it’s most likely a synthetic detergent. Plenty of research has been done on both and the clear winner is bar soap.

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Premium Spa: Scarborough Fair

Shout Out to Soapers

Ariane Arsenault for her wonderful YouTube videos. Thank you for sharing your techniques, recipe guidelines and knowledge. 

Holly of Missouri River Soap for her entertaining YouTube videos, creativity and inspiration. 

Ione of Eve’s Garden Soaps for her amazing creations and ideas. 

Kenna of Modern Soapmaking for her business advises and recommended books to read. I love “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero. 

Jo Haslaurer who I call the color lady. Thank you for sharing all your experiments with natural coloring in soap.