Handcrafted Soap


Handcrafted bar soap is special. Each combination of oils creates soap with unique characteristics. Whether that be nourishing, creaminess or luxurious lather we have the soap to fulfill your desires. All natural soap, handcrafted from scratch with the best sustainable ingredients available.

INDIVIDUAL SOAP PRODUCTS: All of our soaps are designed to have a little oil left over to ensure all lye has been saponified and to promote nourishing and moisturizing qualities.  


Old Fashioned Soap

A historical recipe originating in the Castile regions of Spain. Our Old Fashioned all natural soap is a biodegradable, chemical free, handcrafted, pure castile bar soap recipe made with nourishing and gentle olive oil. We then add a touch of coconut oil to increase the lather and add a little hardness to the soap. Comes in 4 flavors. 


Simply Soap

Simply Soap is made with a balanced blend of ethically sourced olive oil, coconut oil and RSPO (Round-table on Sustainable Palm Oil) sustainable palm oil. Environmentally safe palm oil adds hardness which results in a longer lasting all natural soap bar with a nice stable lather. All natural, biodegradable, and perfectly balanced with nourishing, lathering and hardness qualities. Good for your body and good for the planet. This bar soap is offered in 7 delicious flavors.


Premium Spa

We start with the same balanced blend of pure olive oil, coconut oil, and RSPO sustainable palm oil. We then add Shea butter which brings moisturizing and smoothness qualities to our all natural soap. Chemical free, environmentally friendly Premium Spa bar soap has more character and more natural non-gmo ingredients added such as organic lavender flowers, organic alkanet root or organic matcha tea. Kaolin clay, which adds a nice glide and smoothness to the soap recipe, is added to all the Premium Spa Bars.


Luxury Soap

In our handcrafted luxury bar soap, we add environmentally safe and sustainable castor oil to our basic premium spa recipe which adds a unique, stable and fluffy lather. In addition, castor oil helps draw natural moisture to the skin resulting in a lovely luxurious all natural soap .


For Your Pet

We have a wonderful selection of all natural soap for your kids, your pets and your face! All of these bar soaps are made with the same care, attention to detail and sustainable, 100% plant based, chemical free raw materials as our other handmade products.